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On a whole new level

The X6000 series is the latest and most advanced product SHACMAN has ever made. With high efficiency, comfort and vehicle intelligence as developmental focus, the X6000 series has set a new benchmark in the heavy duty truck industry.


High-end logistics

The X6000 series features some of the industries' lowest fuel consumption figures which in turn brings maximum value to customers. The vehicle is also equipped with the latest technologies within the entire automotive industry.


• SHACMAN working condition technology: relying on millions of operation data and.31 markets over 99% road condition characteristic is manned out with accurate calibration of power train, transmission system and emission control strategy.

High efficiency power train technology: equipped with WP13H engine with global thermal efficiency of over 50%, new Smart AMT and drive axle, precise power train coupling achieving vehicle power transmission of over 99.7% efficiency.

Predictive power control: Based on the big data of different road conditions such as plain, hill and mountainous areas, the new and accurate integration of shift strategy, engine map, throttle map and thermal management strategy achieves the power system control of different terrain and achieves ultra-low fuel consumption.

Intelligent heat management technology: intelligent control of temperature control accessories, to realize the optimal water temperature intelligent control of different environment and different road conditions: The widest heat dissipation module in the industry with 63 souare meter of heat dissipation effectiveness, Integrated multi_channel radiator wih 41%water resistance reduction.Asymmetric rectifier inter cooler with 18% reduction of air resistance. Large curved annular fan with air volume increased by 20%. Fully sealed flexible air baffle with cooling capacity increased by 2 ℃-3℃.

External flow field optimization technology: low drag body + adjustable top air deflector + electronic rear-view mirror + optimal matching of main suspension + vehicle bottom air deflector + wheel guide are applied to optimize the external low field of the whole vehicle and reduce the wind resistance of the whole vehicle by 15%.


Curb weight(T) 7 Traction Mass(T) 34.8 Saddle load mass(T) 16
Maximum speed(Km/h) ≤120 Engine type WP12.430E50( 150WP12.430E50(150A alternator ) Emission standard Euro V
Displacement(L)  11.596 Maximum torque(N·m)  2060 Transmission model FC6A250PT (6AT)